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Aspherical - GLASS

World Class Glass Optics from B+M Optik in Germany! 

We are thrilled to include in our portfolio glass LED Aspherical family of lenses from B&M Optik GmbH. B+M is a medium-sized company with headquarters in the city of Limburg/Lahn near Frankfurt in Hesse, Germany. Since their founding in 1991, they have earned ourselves a good reputation as a reliable and valued manufacturer of optical elements and components.

General B+M Glass LED Lens FEATURES:

LED without optics          120° beam angle


LED with B&M glass optics

Reduction of the beam angle to 8° and 20-times the intensity with homogeneous lighting

ü  Homogeneous lighting without color effects

ü  Prevention of dice representation by special surface structures

ü  Standard aspherical for all LEDs available on the market

ü  Durability of optics even in case of negative external influences

ü  No heat generation problems with High-Power-LEDs

ü  Attractive high-quality glass design

ü  Simple modification to customer-specific requirements

ü  Low tool costs for molded glass optics made to customer specifications

Innovative B+M Structure texturing of lenses

Lenses with structural surface remove the need for diffusing plates and prevent the related loss of light.  There are three versions of these structures: Smooth,  Medium, Rough

Beam Angles and Focusing (secondary optics)

These molded glass Aspherical are suitable for all LED types (e.g. High-Power-LEDs with large-scale dice or normal LEDs with only one dice).The typical beam angle of an LED of 120° can be reduced to below 8° with our optics without any difficulty (at the same maintaining high efficiency and homogeneous illumination). The angle may be modified individually by changing the distance between lens and LED, also called “zoom-able” effect.

RGB-LED light mixing

An excellent optics for all RGB-LEDs to achieve dynamic color appearances.  Standard 4-chip LEDs as well as large-sized RGB applications may be mixed in a homogeneous manner.