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Measurement Services by Photon LABS

How do you quantify the quality of light?

Comprised of data source points of X-factor greater detail than current light measurement tools,
large format illumination scanning and characterization provides a high-definition
3D model with multiple benchmarks and criteria indices available to you.

Folks, imagine gathering a HD optical performance file based on actual true illumination performance of your luminaire, innovative software showing from 100’s to tens of thousands spectral power distributions and giving you the ability to choose a host of illumination criteria to see the result by.

We are talking about measuring and quantifying the “quality of light distribution”. This application of technology truly provides luminaire developers profoundly higher quantification of light quality in a user experience format that transcends the various requirements by engineers. For example the folks interested in horticultural application look at light differently than an indoor architectural or accent lighting product user.

Your typical IES file provided by optical manufacturers are often theoretical matches of LED ray files and the optic’s IP design and only contain luminous intensity. And the problem is the detail level is actually quite poor, for example a high quality IES file has vertical angle resolution of 1°  With large format illumination scan we are measuring (and capturing) light distribution with 50X better resolution down to.02 degrees which just happens to be angular resolution of the human eye. Furthermore, full spectral content is acquired at each data point.

Discover a whole new world of measuring and quantifying light quality relative to color, color mixing, light distribution and homogeneity, focal depth, hues, stray light, artifacts, along with the classic measurements but in much greater resolution. This is not simulation software, this is quantifying the real thing!

The standard service is priced at $399 for the scan complete within 8 foot 3D space and software reporting tool providing a baseline of key metrics (i.e., CCT, CRI, Illuminance, Irradiance, Ra CA 1995, CIE x-y 1931, etc.) with options created specifically for key markets such as Horticulture, Architectural Lighting, Color-Mixing.

The process is quite is simple and straight forward.

  1. Get and submit the Project Overview Submit PDF  (Free download)
  2. Send in your luminaire. After submitting the project overview PDF, you will receive an email with document to include with your luminaire.
  3. Photon Labs receives your product, prototype, or beta-build luminaire and provides confirmation of project submission.
  4. You pay the first $99 to Register Your Project and receive Order Confirmation for Project Measurement. This step can be done in conjunction with the last step – information will be provided and secure online credit card processing is provided.
  5. When LFIS photometry lab measurements are complete and data analysis and report created Photon Labs sends you an email alerting your project is ready and to complete the remaining $300 project charge.

Shipment costs are ancillary and not included. Report and software delivered via online download.  And the best thing is that the service is quite reasonable.  For the little more than the cost of an IES file…… you get so much more.

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