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Gaggione LLC 66N7 Silicone TIR Collimator.

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LLC66N7 Silicone Narrow Beam Collimator

Gaggione expanded its LEDnLIGHT® family to address the latest performance demands for solid-state lighting with the patented new collimator LLC66N7 in optical grade silicone with a narrow beam angle down to 6° based upon LES.

The unique design of Gaggione’s LLC66N7 with an internal concave cylinder shape, a negative counter draft angle, permits the use of larger, brighter COB light sources with optimal light output ratios up to 23mm LES. Our patent pending design erases stray light detracting from the output of LED light sources. Gaggione‘s proprietary output micro texture contributes to an incomparable homogeneous light distribution. The use of optical silicone delivers reliable mechanical and optical performance despite exposure to high lumen densities, outdoor ultraviolet (UV) light or external temperatures cycling between -40°C and 150°C and minimizes the injection channel to less than 2mm.


Dimensions: diameter 67,2mm, height 36,0mm 

Material: LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) 80 Shore, 

UL listed General tolerances: 

complies with NFT47001 category M


▪Minimized stray light

▪Perfect uniform light distribution

▪Narrow beam

▪Wide range of LED compatibility

▪Aesthetical design

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