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LEDwerx.com is proud to offer specially designed high efficiency, specular reflection, LED Panel Fixtures.

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Unlike a typical LED panel light configuration, our specially designed, specular reflection LED panels are designed for maximum efficiency.  Our LED panel lights are more efficient than printed, chemical or laser etched designs because our design features micro lens optical technology for maximum light distribution.

Our Panel light fixtures can be used for general interior lighting applications. Ideal for commercial buildings, hotels, offices, museums, galleries, retail stores, plazas, supermarkets, etc. We carry a complete line of products to meet all types of commercial needs.


• Reduce energy consumption and operating costs by 80% or more 

• Maintenance free operation - lasts up to 10 to 20 times longer than conventional lighting

• Super slim design makes installation fast and simple 

• Advanced multi-layer lens design results in maximum lumen output and very even panel illumination (no darker or shady areas) 

• No UV or IR and no RF interference 

• Optional lighting controls (motion and light sensors) and emergency backup battery provide protection and conserve energy 

• Environmentally friendly - fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous material.